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Create site from site template in sharepoint 2010

I was trying to create a site programatically based on the template that i have designed , i thought this should be straight forward and  passed the site template name as a parameter for the creation. Unfortunately, this wasn’t successful as the code was unable to recognize the site template name.

This blog speaks how to pass site template name as parameter.


Site templates in sharepoint 2010

The concept of Site template gallery and .STP file doesn’t exists in sharepoint 2010 anymore, rather they have replaced with Solution gallery and .wsp file respectively.

Save site as a template link disappears when the publishing feature is enabled and the work around seems to be navigating manually to /_layouts/Savetmpl.aspx. To have a look at the repository of the site templates we have to navigate to  Site Settings >Galleries >Solution Gallery.It can be noticed that our site would have saved with .wsp extension, that can be activated/deactivated like any other sandbox solution for usage.This on activation will be available for site creation. Thw .wsp[site template] file on click can also be downloaded as any other file and can be used as site template across web applications in sharepoint.