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5 mins on Jquery

This blog speaks about an overview on Jquery , it covers various questions on jQuery.

What is Jquery ?
Jquery is an improved version of Javascript, framework to build functions using javascript library.To build jquery applications download jQuery1.6.2 from here

Why to use Jquery ?
Jquery helps in rapid development and faster , concise as compared with javascript.

When to use Jquery ?
Jquery can be used on following ocassions
2.Attaching events to HTML elements.
3.Document traversing.
4.Ajax calls.
5.Dynamic CSS manipulations.

How to use ?
Jquery syntax is a combination of XPATH and CSS . The basic syntax looks like :

$(“HTML element”).event(function()

When not to use jQuery

1. When jQuery consumes plenty of client resources , it is not recommended to use jQuery. For instance : If we have 1000’s of items in a list, it is recommended to avoid jQuery as we have look through each items in the list.

2.jQuery can’t be used when there is no web service interface , for instance it can’t be used on workflows , event receivers .