Archive | July 2017

Slideshow using Content Search Webpart

Off late, I have been working on client side to provide seamless solutions on Online sites.One such requirement was to provide slideshow functionality for machine – mechanical drawings uploaded by the engineering team. Well, the solution seems to be straight – forward : to just use a picture library and configure the timelines.

Nevertheless, the business were desperate to see the title and last-modified date for these images displayed.My initial thought was to use jQuery and customize it accordingly. But , to my surprise this feature was supported by OOTB feature – Content Search Webpart, way to go !

I presume the reader has knowledge creating a new “Result Source” to query the images from the picture library. The query builder in result source has preview to show the query results .

The final step is to add a content search webpart and configure it with the settings below


Webpart settings

The change query property should now point to the result source created earlier, preview shows the results fetched for the current result source.


Change query

The end product would be something like below Capture