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Site templates in sharepoint 2010

The concept of Site template gallery and .STP file doesn’t exists in sharepoint 2010 anymore, rather they have replaced with Solution gallery and .wsp file respectively.

Save site as a template link disappears when the publishing feature is enabled and the work around seems to be navigating manually to /_layouts/Savetmpl.aspx. To have a look at the repository of the site templates we have to navigate to  Site Settings >Galleries >Solution Gallery.It can be noticed that our site would have saved with .wsp extension, that can be activated/deactivated like any other sandbox solution for usage.This on activation will be available for site creation. Thw .wsp[site template] file on click can also be downloaded as any other file and can be used as site template across web applications in sharepoint.


Hiding I Like it and Tag notes tags in Sharepoint 2010

I was customizing the master page in sharepoint 2010 and found out new tags and they were :

  • I Like it
  • Tags & notes

I had a requirement of hiding these tags in master page and hence, sharing the same in this blog.

  1. Open the site in IE 8.
  2. Press F12 to pop up the developer tools window.
  3. Arrow as shown below can be used to select any item in the page.
  4. This shows the section I like it and Tag & notes chosen.The tool shows the related HTML ,Scripts and styles with respect to the item.
  5. Now hide the section with styles using the tool editor as shown
  6. This tool however doesn’t make changes to the page, just gives us a preview of what has to be done.It is a nice tool that helps us in locating the items, classes and sneak peek at the changes.
  7. To make actual changes go to V4.Master and add the jQuery code to hide this . Register jQuery library in master pages before carrying out this operation .
  8. Now you can see that this section is disabled in the page.

5 mins on Jquery

This blog speaks about an overview on Jquery , it covers various questions on jQuery.

What is Jquery ?
Jquery is an improved version of Javascript, framework to build functions using javascript library.To build jquery applications download jQuery1.6.2 from here

Why to use Jquery ?
Jquery helps in rapid development and faster , concise as compared with javascript.

When to use Jquery ?
Jquery can be used on following ocassions
2.Attaching events to HTML elements.
3.Document traversing.
4.Ajax calls.
5.Dynamic CSS manipulations.

How to use ?
Jquery syntax is a combination of XPATH and CSS . The basic syntax looks like :

$(“HTML element”).event(function()

When not to use jQuery

1. When jQuery consumes plenty of client resources , it is not recommended to use jQuery. For instance : If we have 1000’s of items in a list, it is recommended to avoid jQuery as we have look through each items in the list.

2.jQuery can’t be used when there is no web service interface , for instance it can’t be used on workflows , event receivers .