Customize the Web Part Properties in Sharepoint

Web Parts are the basic units of sharepoint,its pretty easy to create a custom web part.However,the challenge lies in its customization as per the requirements. I have been busy these days working on the web part customizations, one such feature that fascinates me is the customization of web part properties.

Customizing the web part properties includes 2 steps :

1.Set the web part property attributes.

2.Create Property accessors.

Now,lets see each one of them in detail

1.Set the web part property attributes – Most of the web part proerty attributes comes from the namespace “System.ComponentModel .Here are some of the attributes that we can make use of :

Category -It specifies a separate category for the custom properties to be displayed on the property pane.

WebBrowsable – Specifies if the property should be visible on the pane or not. We need to set this to “true” to make it availabe to the users.

WebDisplayName – Display name for the custom property.

WebDescription – Description for the custom property.

We can have these attributes defined something like this

[Category(“Name”),Personalizable(PersonalizationScope.Shared), WebBrowsable (true),WebDisplayName(“UserName for Output”),WebDescription(“Enter Ur name for Output”)]

2.Create property accessors – Web Part requires the appropriate get and set accessors methods.

public string DisplayName




return Name;




Name = value;



Once we are done with these steps,we should be getting our custom property in the property pane as shown below


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