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Publishing the administrator approved form templates

Infopath form services is a server technology that is available in Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 ,Enterprise editon. It enables us to run the infopath froms on the browsers.Instrestingly,to fill out these forms we need not have the client installed on our machines. One way of building such browser enabled forms is publising it to the administrator for the approval, which we will be discussing in this session.

Now,lets see how to build such infopath froms that runs on the browsers .

1.Design the infopath fom template .

2.Change the browser compatibility settings – Go to Tools Menu > Form options and choose the Compatibility tab as shown in the figure. Enter the URL of the server running infopath form services.To make the form browser enabled check the option as shown in the snapshot below.

3.Publishing a form template to the server running form services requires full trust.By default, the settings would be “Domain”.To change the settings go to Tools menu >Form options >Security and trust Tab to change the secutiy level to full trust .

4.Now save the form and publish it, since we are publishing this form to the server check the option that points to the sharepoint server as shown below.

5.Choose where exactly you need to publish this template. We do have the option of publishing it to the document library,Content Type and to the admin for the approval. If at all we have the form template that contains managed code then we use the last option(Administrator approval).

6.Specify the location to save the form template. Eg : Browse to C:\Infopath Form Template and save it .

7.Now,click on the add button to make those columns available in the sharepoint site.Once,done click “Next” button and follow the wizard to complete the publishing process.

8.once,we have the form published for approval. It has to approved by the admin for that server. To approve the form template go to “Manage Form temples” under Central Admin > Application management > Infopath form services(Available only in the entreprise edition).

9.Now,click the upload form template to upload the form template.

NOTE- This has to be the template that we saved in the C:\Infopath form template.

10.Once uploaded ,the form template has to be activated to the site collection.To activate it go to the manage form template and click on the form that needs to be activated ,to get the list of menus to perform the operation.Click “Activate to a site collection ” to activate it.

11. Once,the form template has been activated to the site collection, it has to be enabled for the form library.To do this go to the Advance settings for the Form library settings as shown in the snapshot below.To open the form in the browser,check the option “Display as a web page” and set “allow the management of the content type” to Yes.

12.Now you will be able to see the content type section in the form library settings. Click the Add from the existing content type as shown. Choose the site content type and click add button to add it to the form lib. The below snapshots are very much illustrative.

13.Now, go to the form library and click the new menu to open up the form in the browser.

Summary – Infopath form services enables us to build forms that runs on the browsers.However,such forms can run on the client as well.This type of deployment(Publishing to the administrator for approval) is used whenever we have to deploy the form template that contains the managed code.